Monday, May 24, 2010


Section A of Paper 2 PMR requires you to write a composition of not less than 120 words based on the notes and stimulus given. Area tested include picture compositions, not expansion, giving opinions, letters, graphs and charts, pictorial maps and directions, articles, reports, speeches or talks and processes and procedures.


1. Read through the question carefully and underline the key words.
2. Check whether the question requires a format. For example, if it is an informal letter then it should be written in the format of an informal letter.
3. Brainstorm ideas and points using the WH question ( what, who, when, where, why and how). This will help you to add details to the notes given. I wud call this the 1 Husband 5 Wives....hehe..
4. Start writing your introduction to attract the attention of the examiner.
5. You must write your composition in paragraphs, make sure there is a main point in each paragraph.
6. You also must make sure that you write neatly, just like typing sms, you must use space. It would be helpful if you write only 8 words in every line ( if your hand writing is big) and 8-10 words ( if your hand writing is small). This will surely help.
7. Make sure the ideas in your writing are connected using suitable sentence connectors.
8. Check your composition for errors.


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